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Why Choose Us?

Being based in Vanuatu, SPAA is able to ensure patients are transported to superior level of care as quickly as possible.

Our Merlin air ambulance is very spacious, and has the largest patient loading door of any medevac aircraft. Ensuring that a patient of larger-than-normal size can fit through the door of a medevac aircraft is essential to avoid cancellation of the mission at the airport when the patient is stuck in the cabin door. Our Merlin’s 1.35m wide patient loading door eliminates altogether the potential for this problem to occur.

Widest patient loading door in the industry

The partnership including ProMedical and Médipôle Private Hospital is invaluable. Promedical has been operating in Vanuatu for well over a decade and has vast experience in navigating the country’s complex health system. The experts from Promedical and Médipôle Private Hospital have a strong focus on clinical quality and capability. South Pacific Air Ambulance offers a bed-to-bed service.

Faster Response Time

Having a mixed fleet, with different sizes and capabilities of aircraft, is an advantage unique to SPAA. We can offer suitable aircraft to the assistance company, insurer, or private client, to cater to a wide range of retrieval scenarios and locations. It’s important that insurers, assistance companies, health care providers, and the public, are not bamboozled into paying for an aircraft that does not match their requirements.

Comprehensive and versatile fleet of aircraft

We have exclusive relationships with trusted aircraft alliance partners in the Pacific region. We are the most cost-effective air ambulance operation in Oceania, and we can arrange medevacs from the remotest island in Vanuatu to appropriate medical facilities in New Caledonia, Australia, or New Zealand


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We are committed to providing safe, compassionate, immediate and efficient air medical transportation within Vanuatu and internationally, servicing the South Pacific and Australasia.

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