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The Fleet

Fairchild/Swearingen Merlin IVA, SA226-AT – Dedicated Air Ambulance

  • Permanently configured for aeromedical operations.
  • Pressurised and capable of maintaining sea level cabin pressure up to an altitude of 16,000 feet.
  • Capable of flying up to 1500 nautical miles (2700kms) with a maximum speed of 300 kts (540 km/h).
  • Can carry one stretchered patient, two medical personnel and one family member.
  • Designed for high performance, it is one of the fastest jet-prop aircraft in its class.
  • Reputation for safe, reliable and comfortable patient transfers, the Merlin, or Metroliner, as it is more commonly known, has been utilised throughout the world as an air ambulance.
  • Spacious cabin and equipped with a very wide (1.35 meters) patient loading door.  This larger, industry-leading entryway allows for easier and safer transfer of patients into and out of the plane. The wide door is particularly useful for bariatric patients.
  • Unique stretcher loading system, designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for SPAA, allows the patient to be securely transferred into and out of the aircraft with efficiency, comfort and safety.
  • Fitted with the latest technology aeromedical patient care unit from Medpac, USA.
South Pacific Air Ambulance Merlin aircraft
South Pacific Air Ambulance Islander aircraft

Britten Norman Islander

  • Twin engine.
  • The Islander can carry one stretchered patient, two medical personal and one family member on domestic operations and either one medic and a family member or two medics on international operations.
  • Wide patient loading door.
  • A trusted work horse, the Islander is one of the most popular aircraft operating in the South Pacific today.
  • Capable of patient retrieval from any airstrip in Vanuatu and medevac to New Caledonia.

Cessna 207

  • The Cessna brand of aircraft is synonymous with safety and reliability.
  • Most cost effective asset in our air ambulance fleet.
  • Can carry one stretchered patient, one medic and one family member.
  • Wide patient loading door.
  • Capable of patient retrieval from any airstrip in Vanuatu.
South Pacific Air Ambulance Cessna aircraft

We are committed to providing safe, compassionate, immediate and efficient air medical transportation within Vanuatu and internationally, servicing the South Pacific and Australasia.

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  • Vanuatu & across the South Pacific
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